Who is Adele Dazeem? The Unforgettable Oscars Moment

The Oscars have gifted us with numerous indelible moments, yet few have ignited as much laughter and viral sensation as John Travolta’s pronunciation mishap in 2014. It was a night that Idina Menzel—or rather, Adele Dazeem—would forever remember.

A Name Echoed Across the Globe

During the 86th Academy Awards, anticipation hung thick in the air as the audience eagerly awaited the live rendition of the chart-topping anthem “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen. As the stage gleamed under the spotlight, John Travolta stepped forward to introduce the performer.

What unfolded next was an unforeseen twist that etched itself into the annals of Oscars lore. In what seemed like a momentary slip of nerves, Travolta introduced the esteemed singer and actress as “Adele Dazeem,” a moniker that left viewers bewildered yet amused.

The Rise of a Meme

True to its form, the internet swiftly seized upon the blunder—within moments, “Adele Dazeem” erupted as a trending topic, spawning a plethora of parody accounts and a deluge of memes.

It was a gaffe that metamorphosed into a cultural sensation, with social media platforms and late-night shows reveling in the comedic fodder it provided. The name even birthed a “Name Generator” that would ‘Travoltify’ any name inputted into it.

Idina Menzel’s Graceful Response

Idina Menzel, the voice that breathed life into Elsa, gracefully embraced the mix-up. With a spirit of levity, she later jestingly referenced the incident and embraced the alternate persona inadvertently bestowed upon her by Travolta.

The episode became a whimsical footnote in her illustrious career, with Menzel even commemorating the 10-year anniversary of her serendipitous alter ego with a touch of humor and poise.


Ultimately, the “Adele Dazeem” episode stands as a poignant reminder of the capricious nature of live television and the potency of a well-tempered sense of humor.

It serves as a testament that even amidst the grandeur of the most esteemed events, blunders may arise—and occasionally, they unveil a dash of enchantment. Idina Menzel’s response resonated, showcasing to the world that sometimes, the best course of action is simply to “Let It Go.”

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