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State Judge Arthur Engoron, responsible for delivering a $355 million verdict against former President Donald Trump in his civil fraud trial, faced a security scare when an envelope containing white powder arrived at his New York City courthouse on Wednesday, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Fortunately, neither Engoron nor his staff were exposed to the substance, as his mail undergoes daily screening and the envelope was intercepted before reaching him. The New York police reported that upon opening the letter, powder spilled out, exposing a court officer and another court employee to the substance. Both individuals reportedly declined medical treatment, as confirmed by the fire department. ABC News initially reported the threatening letter.

This incident is not the first threat against Engoron; last month, Long Island police responded to a bomb threat at his residence just hours before scheduled closing arguments in the Trump trial.

Since the commencement of the trial last year, court officials disclosed in a filing that Engoron and his law clerk experienced a “deluge” of threats after being repeatedly criticized by Trump on social media. Law enforcement officials considered many of these threats to be credible.

In response to the ongoing threats, court officials collaborated with the FBI and Homeland Security to develop and implement appropriate security measures for the protection of the judge, his chambers staff, and those closely associated with him, including his family, as outlined in a court filing.

Trump’s legal team has consistently argued that he should not be held responsible for the actions of his supporters.

In the recent ruling, Engoron ordered Trump and his company to pay over $350 million in the case, a figure that has now exceeded $464 million with pre-judgment interest.

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